Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is dental care that helps maintain good oral health. Regular dental exams and excellent oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing are all part of the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. Taking care of your teeth starts in early childhood and extends throughout the course of your life. Maintaining healthy oral habits helps to prevent cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and enamel wear.

Preventing oral health problems is our primary priority at Zoe Dental Centre. That’s why we offer preventive dentistry services, such as;

  • Regular oral exams & Teeth cleaning, usually every 6 months
    You should see your dentist at least twice in a year. During your routine checkups and hygiene visits, we’ll exam your teeth and gums thoroughly for any symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease. If we find any signs of cavities, gum disease or tooth decay, we will inform you and discuss your treatment options with you. Following, your examination, we will perform a thorough cleaning
  • Routine Dental X-rays. Taking digital X-rays will also be included in your yearly dental exam. Dental X-rays help us get a visualization of the bone structure underneath your gums. Additionally, they help us to find tooth decay
  • Dental Sealants & Fluoride Treatment. Dental sealants are a fast and painless way to protect your child’s teeth against cavity. They are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth; which is mostly prone to cavity. Both primary and permanent teeth can benefit from sealants
  • Night Guards for (teeth grinding)

To maintain optimal oral health, the Ghana Dental Association (GDA) recommends visits to the dentist at regular intervals determined by a dentist. These practices are designed to ensure that teeth are clean, strong, and white. Children should be taught proper oral hygiene at an early age.

Dental fluoride treatment is recommended for children as soon as the first tooth comes out to prevent decay and future dental infections. Fluoride helps the teeth remineralize. Fluoride treatment in children means the mineral becomes incorporated in the development of their permanent teeth which makes the teeth stronger. 

What is your role in preventive dental care?

  • Brush your teeth daily

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day- usually morning and night- using a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. When you visit your dentist at Zoe Dental Centre, she will teach you how to properly brush your teeth.

  • Floss Daily

Daily flossing is also highly recommended. Flossing helps to clean out the tight spaces between the teeth. Floss daily helps to remove food particles that’s stuck between the teeth before it turns to plaque. To get the most benefit out of flossing, you’ll want to make sure you’re flossing in the correct way. At your next dental appointment, remember to ask your dentist at Zoe Dental Centre for a quick flossing demonstration to make sure you’re getting the full benefit from it.

  • Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet also helps to protect your teeth by providing them with the nutrients they need. Eating a varied diet will help you get all of the vitamins you need to maintain a healthy smile. Avoid acidic foods that can harm tooth enamel.

  • Avoid smoking or using tobacco products

Smoking and using tobacco products can stain your teeth and cause other dental problems.

  • Use a mouth guard when participating in certain sports

It is advised by your dentist to wear a mouth guard when participating in vigorous physical activities such as sports; also, if you grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist for a nighttime mouth guard to help reduce gum recession.

  • Be cautious with hard foods, hard nuts, hard candies, and foods with bones, seeds, or pits that could crack or chip your teeth.